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365 days to get it done, i'm sure we're going tt make it bigger and better for next year" &pyear."the race in baltimore i a wrap.what organizers think of the turrout this year... year...a monster truck race goes terribly wrong when the spectators become part of the race course. course.vytas says... says... and governor martin o'malley goes on a political talk show and indirectly nocks his parties own candidate. good evening, i'm jennifer gilbert.the 2012 grand prix of baltimore.... is now a wrap. speed limits are back to being enforced along the two miles
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streets.paul gessler is live downtown, where workers are busy already breaking down the racetrack. within minutes after american ryan hunter- reay took the checkered flag, workers began breaking doon fences here by camdennyards. organnzers say it's all part of the promise to the city to be as friendly as possible to neighbors, commuters and busine. race fans take to baltimore's inner harbor,joe moore: "nice crowd down here this year. a lot better than (nats) sneaking words between aps"a loo better than last year." but, grand prixxorganzers say this year's attennance figure is likely less than last years. tim mayee, general manager, baltimore grand prix: "that's
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noo unusual for a motorsports event. the first year, everyone has curiosity and comes out."tim mayer says thee're happy with the numbers-- after all, andretti motorsports put this race on baltimore together in just three months.tim ayer, general manager, baltimore grand prix: "well, we don't really talk specifics on numbers, but we are very pleased."(nats)race fans lined the track-- and packed the grandstanns.sampson zewde: &p"i'm from alexandria, to go nearly this fast, because our cops are vicious!" andretti motorsports is already busy planning next year's race weekend.tim mayer, general managerr baltimore grand prix: "we know hat we can do bettee. this can be a real home run for baltimooe. this city has really shown that it can shine. ittcan do biggevents."announcer: "looking for his 4th win of the season, ryan hunter-reay in front..."race weekend ended with all the bblls paid to vendors and the city,,ifney bryant: "thaa's nice, i've never seen them pass on a straightaway. they usually pass on a turn."a hurdle cleared almost a year earlier than lasttyear's team.sampson zewde: "definittly puts the city on the map with such an exciting event."mike lowrey: "this is our second year heree we had a ball. we'll come back again next year, if we have it."the racecars will be back.
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andretti motorsports has four years remaining on their mayer, general manager, baltimore grand prix: "with 365 days to get it done, i'm sure we're going to make it bigger and better for next year." the graad prix's general manager tells us it took 30 days to build this track. it'll take all of 24 hours or so to tear it down.he says it'll be business as ussal for tuesday morning's downtown for the 22 million hundred steel fence panels-- all of this will be hauled out of here within the next two baltimore, paul gessler, fox 45 nnws at ten. and this year's edition turned out to be quite a race, too...sports director bbuce cunningham joons us with that story... it was aa exciting and very c ompetitive thattfeature some &pcontroversy..and one that wasn't decided until the final lasp..what else could a race
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7 laps to go...restart after aa caution...ryan hunter-reay speeds past ryan briscoe... accelerated too soon...some lap...he holds --- off the pack to win the 2nd baltimore rand prix... 3 3 p,3 there were dozens of creativee grand prix cars on the track today...but one paid tribute to aabaltimore businessman who was killed in a bike acciient in ocean ccty recently.take a close look at the side of this car. youusee a man with a mustache and sombrero, with a tear drop coming from his eye. the arrwork is in memory of
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ápatrick scunny mccuskerá....owner of the nacho mama's restaurant in canton. the driver says he's grateful he gets to drive thee car. "i would like to thank friendss of scunny who contriiuted and donated this car toome so i i was very very honored when they offered me and asked me if i could do that for them i felt very very privvlege." privilege." driver patryk tararuj never met áscunnyá.... but he says he can see that he was a man loved by many. policeeneed your help in finding the person who shott and killed a 22year-old womaa at a house party early this morning in east baltimore. baltimore.álarelle amosááwas shot in the ccest while she was standing in the fronn yard of a house on the alameda near richnor avenue..police don't think áamosá was the intended target.but they're not saying anything abbut a motive or suspect yet. two stabbinns at two different two men dead. early saturday morniig... átavares jonesá an
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employee at átee bee's placeá on darlington drive and multiple times after breaking up a fight inside the bar. police are still searching for suspects. and around 2-am police were called to the scene on eastern boulevard near rolling mill road where ádarryl lovellette jr.á was stabbed to death in a parking lot next to ásinix bará. the arrested. prince george's county police revisited the murder scene gunned doon... to look for new look for new clues. famiiy, ffiends and classmates aaber stanley.stanley was shot in her bed in late august. dozens of police recruits look ppants for anything that - looked out of place. detectives also searched the route they think the killer ttok aater leaving the house. pthe day of the murdee we searched trash cans, storm drains, we're searching more of those we'reesearching wooded area over here. we have information that suggest that the suspect in this case left
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on foot down chaatsey in this d" direction." police haven't founddanything in stanley's background that would lead to a motive.police are offering a 25-thousaad dollar reward to anyone with information. a virginia man is accused of preying on a 12-year-old girl after they found disturbing evidence in his car. police in ontgomery county say ánathhn portnoyá was involved in a 3-month online relationship with the girl who was pretending tt be an adult. the two met up last friday in bethesda to play soccer. fortunately a family member who saw the two in aacar cellphone and she was able to - get away safely.and when police caught uppwith portnoy.... here's what they say theyyfound in his car. "some people might calllit a rape kit there was a mask there was implements to bind that way." way."and police say they a hand gun and several boxes of
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condoms.portnoy is still in police ustody. aaman is in critical but stable condition after being shot by police late saturday night in northeast baltimore. officials say tww detectives saw an armed man sitting on the steps oo a house at east lorraine and greenmount avenue. whennthey approached &phim, police say he ran insid police. officers then fired...stricking the man several times in the lower parr of his body. "this was sommbody that matched the characteristics of an armed person. they saw his behavvor looked like he was carrying sooething that might have been a gun. and again these officers are specialized officers their trained to look for bad guys with gunssthat's exactly whht they did in this case the individual pointed a gun at them and officers returned fire in defense." defense."the man is expected to urvive. suuveillance video showing a prince george'' county police 19-yeaa-old man..... - contradicts the offiiers version of the what happened. áryan dormá spent almost 4
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donald taylorá says dorm assaulted him in february. but if you look closely.... the video shows dorm walking away as officers approached hhm from behind...then hitting dorm in the head with gun. dorm says he and his friend were only getting snacks from a local gas station. but the officer says they looked suspicious because ádorm'sá friend was wearing a ski mask. "he didn't just assault my cllint and violate he civil rights but he made up a story to write false charges against my client." client."ácorporal taylorá has been indicted and goes to trial in november. ádormá has filed a 10-million-dollar lawsuit. the parents of the tten shot on the first day of school at perry hall high school says parents should monitor what online.the paaents of ádanny porowyá speak out after their son...who suffers from down syndrome... was shot in the lower bbck ---by another
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student--- with a doubled suspectt..15-year-old robert gladden wrote on his facebook page that morning... "first day of school...last day of my life"and inside his back pack was a shotgun....21 rounnd of ammo and a bottle of vodka. "i hope he gets the help he needs im not trying to be forgiving because we're hurting my son is hurting but thaa's for the legal system for the police for the lawyers for the judges for all them o do what they need to do." do."daniel suffered a ruised lung, a fractured rib, daaaged chest muscles.he's being gladden will be charged as an adult with attempted murder and other charges. a muggy and rainy's our forecast for the rrst of the long labor dayyweekendd weeeend?
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cheif meteorologist vytas reid is standing by with a first look.vytas? are you better off now, than you were four years ago?the surprising pprson, who says the answer to that is no. 3 striking down voter i-d. the concern over voter fraud....and why some people believe, it can make a differenceein elections.
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and one of the anticipated events at the maryland state fair... oo any fair for that matter... the eating contest. who won and what he food of choice was... coming up.
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. and another terrifying
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moment... caught on camera... ttis one in oregon.take a look... t happened saturday at the "monster air 2012" show.
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dustin earls was recording video of a drag race.... when the truck driver lost control, bounced through a mud pit and over a barricade before smashing into spectators. three people were hit bb the pruck's 488 inch tires aad taken to a hospital. they're expected to survive. baltimore city fire officials invvstigate a deadly fire in east baltimore. happened around 6:30 tonight in a home on east north avenue, near collington. the body of an elderly woman was found inside the house. another man broke his leg trying to save the woman from the fire. 3 democrats,,delegates, and journnlists pour into charlotte for the democratic national convention.presiddnt barack obama narrowwy won looking to keep it in his d is - column this time around. around. the eeent kicks off just days after g-o-p presidential nominee mitt
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accepted their presidential nomination.duuing a caapaign stop today .. the president told a crowd in the swing state of colorado that his policies will keep ameeica 44-57"despite all the challenges that we face in this new century, what they offered ver those 3 days was an agenda that was better suitee for the last century. it was a rerun." rerun."105-110 "we know we're not going to be betttr off if we strip away protections to make sure care."meanwhile ... security teams... are busy setting up a series of road bllcks and fences around the city... governor martin o'malley... has been a regular on sunday on the attack against mitt rrmney and defending president obama... this time, he may have may haae stuck his foot in is own's what he said on "face the nation"... "i think that's important to remember-llt me just ask you then, can you honestly say that people are better off today than they were four years ago??o, but that's not the question of this election." election."we have a lot of
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stories about the race for the whiie house on our websiteego to fox-baltimore dot com... click onn"vote 2012" in the hot topics section at the top of the screen. a federal ourt strikes down a voter i-d law in texas. supporters say voter i-d laws are all about preeenting fraud. and as jeff barnd reports,some believv there's enough fraud committed in each natiinal election to tip the results. results. 3 a family owned
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business helps out in a big way. what they diddfor the victimmof the perry hall shooting. the rides and the me go for - enteetainment. but others for this. how fast these competitors chowed down on ásausage linksá. ink?thh product that hidds those çia÷ ñ 3
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water spout middle riveredison geller gerald uulan 3
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30:06-30:11"3, 2, 1.. eat.. and they're off." off."let the gluttony begin. one of the more anticipated events at the state fair... choice.... roma's ed reed d of chicken sausage links. ompetttors had 5 minutes to down six ausage links.the fastest one to eat tte links ... winss &p34:31-34:49"i didn'' expect i to be close ecause i was in really well on that one and except for one person i have.. my time is like 2 minutes better than anyone elses so i didn't really expect it to be close. it's certainly better for the crowd when it's close.. close."that as joe
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menchetti... theewinner.he got 2 tickets to a ravens game, 100- dollarrgift certificate, 100- dollars in cash ann 22 more pounds of the ssusage he just scarfed down. a kind aat goes a long way. what a local pizza victim of the perry hall high school shooting. and it's a women's team in a male- dominated one race team is trying to change the trend.
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organic artichokes, organic lettuce, organic kale... does your cauliflower have a big carbon footprint? not at all. that's great. melons!!! oh yeah!! well that was uncalled for. uhh... mr. gallagher. incoming!!! hahaha! it's wasteful. you know jimmy. folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy, ronny? happier than gallagher at a farmers' market. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. one of last dry towns in
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alcohol sales. damascus... which is in montgomery county... 45 minutes west of baltimore... has been a dry town since 1880. moreethan once, people living there have tried to change it can't sell beer or wine and the closest bar is in the ext county over.however, residents have pushed for alcohoo sales to be on the ballot in nooember.they think the referennum has a chance of passing this time because of the growth and development to the area. a local pizza shop is also lending a hand to the viitim of the perry hall high school shooting. áserpico pizza and pastaá on bel air road in perry hall ponated a percentage of their sales this weekend to help ut ádaniel borowyá and his fammly. the company says their ppeased that so many people ccme out and showed their support. "the community responded so
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well tooall of this and we were...makes us proud to be part of thh perry hall communit" community."the pizza shop raised a thousand dollars. it may be a male dominated sport....but some women want to change thatt that.there was some girl power at the grand prix today.the all-women team átruecar racingá.our very own mayor was there to cheer them on. the women drivers say part of the challenge is showing the guys that they're eally there to race. 13:15:01-13:15:22"sometimes i do feel like i'm sort of a moving target out there just against a bunch of guys but i think i'm starting to earn my respect and i think it'ssthe same way for any girl in raccng cause there's not many. you're usually the only one innyour series o you really gotta show the boys you're seri" serious."áfreiberg finished in 6-th place in saturday's race. its her best finish of the season. a world record set at the paryland state fair this eeken.
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weekend.maryland's own "handy international seafood" achieved the guiness world record for the world's largest crab cake yesterday .. weighing in at 3-hundred and a hall pounds. of course you couldn't cook this crab cake without a custom made device..... with specific took six men to lift the crab cake... that could feed up to 12-hundred people. 3 3 from zero one oriole single-handily beat the yankees not once but twice... coming up in sports unlimited... the car on the left was filled up with
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low detergent gasoline. while the car on the right was filled up with bp gasoline with invigorate. which helps clean and protect its engine so it can get a few more miles per tank than the car on the left. locals in mexico head to
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church for the annual bleesing of their pets. pets.many parishioners dressed their dogs, cats, ducks and other animals in colorfuul costumes for the occasion.the origin of the tradition is unclear.but many residents believe it began when local farmers brought working animals, like mules, bulls, horses and oxen to be blessed. 3 3 that's all for thh news at ten...bruce cunningham joins us now with the latest from the orioles playoff push in sports unlimited...bruce... coming up tonight on sports unlimited...the orioles aae not going anywhere...another commback win... win...mark reynolds hits not one but wasn't all good...the orioll who left with an through the streets of baltimore...the controversial finish by the inner harbor.... and jimmy patsos jjins me in studio...the looola greyhounds

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